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Simple, straightforward, and to the point – our pricing structure cuts the confusion and makes it easy to understand exactly what our services cost.
We offer two different pricing structures in Standard and Premium.
Here’s how it works:
Standard Content Price


We might label this service “Standard”, but at Teamwork we can assure you that it is anything but. The perfect option for content that doesn’t require a great deal of research, with quality and 100% unique wording guaranteed.
Premium Content Price


Are your content needs a bit different from the norm? Our Premium package provides the solution, as we deliver extensively researched, metadata inclusive, and well-structured content that’s sure to keep your customers and the search engines happy.

* All prices are in Euros and include VAT.

Teamwork Content & Translation Prices

Teamwork All-inclusive Package

We are well aware that all you webmasters and company founders out there are busy individuals, which is why you need a professional marketing agency on hand to lighten the load. Our all-inclusive package lets you turn on auto-pilot, as our team of diligent professionals can take control of your marketing needs.

What does that all mean, we hear you ask, well, the idea of our all-inclusive package is simple, you put some or all of the following in our capable hands. Pick and choose what you require and we’ll take it from there, that way you have more time to focus on other areas of your business knowing that marketing matters are taken care of.

Express Delivery Services Teamwork

We understand that time really is money, but that’s enough of the Wall Street speak. The reality is that sometimes you’ll have content needs that are urgent and against the clock. Teamwork’s express delivery option is the perfect choice for those situations.

You’ll jump to the front of the queue (don’t worry, our other clients won’t mind, a timely turnaround is still guaranteed), as our team will step-in to make sure that even the strictest of deadlines are met with time to spare – charges for express delivery orders incur a 50% additional charge.

Teamwork Discounts

Every project is different, so if you have a long-term project in mind, we’re the team to call. We’re happy to negotiate rates on regular content streams, large one-off content orders, and content requests that cover multiple languages.

Helping you get the results you need from expertly written and powerfully presented content is a long-term strategy, something that our competitive rates can help make a reality.

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Our digital doors are always open, simply send us a message and we’ll get back to you with more details on the Teamwork team, our rates, and how our content can benefit your business in the short-term, long-term, and beyond.

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